Robotic pal is a real brick

A robotics company in America has created the world’s first brick-laying robot – and it’s commercially available.

Construction companies who fancy adding SAM (semi-automated mason) to their workforce will have to fork out half a million dollars for the privilege.

SAM’s maker, Constructions Robotics, says the mechanical marvel is available to British contractors on request to the tune of approximately £330,000.

The firm says SAM has been in development for eight years and trialled at several real construction sites. SAM has most recently been helping to build a lab school in the US capital.

The company was launched to advance the construction industry though robotic automation. It estimates that masons working with SAM can lay up to four times the amount of bricks they would working alone – a particular benefit to the UK, it claims, because of an increase in the cost of bricklaying due to a skills shortage. The plan is for experienced site workers to toil in shorter stretches and, instead, carry out quality control assessments of SAM’s efforts.

Palmersemployment law specialist Lara Murray said: “I don’t think employees are in danger of being replaced in the foreseeable future and it sounds like SAM is a team player rather than a threat.

“However, stories like this always serve as a broad reminder of employees’ rights – a matter in which firms must remain knowledgeable. That’s where the experts come in. For more information about what we can provide for employers, please contact us.”